Scholarship - 2018 winners


2018 High School Scholarship Winner - Hannah Starnes

Hannah Starnes is a newly graduated Senior from Summit High School. She will be attending CU Boulder this fall, where she plans on double majoring in communications and vocal performance with a minor in business. Hannah has been singing since she can remember and loves performing around the County. She wants to thank Alpenglow Chamber Music for helping her move on to her next chapter in life. 

2017 Summit Youth Orchestra Scholarship Winner - Taylor Ann Lee

Taylor Ann’s orchestral experience began when she started playing the viola in 6th-grade. She initially wanted to play the cello, but it wasn't as portable as she was hoping. Her sister played the violin, so she considered that for a while but realized that the majority of people in her grade wanted to play the violin and she wanted to do something unique. After a while of considering all of the instrument options she found herself choosing to play the viola. She is beginning her sophomore year at Summit High School  and she is a principal player in her school’s orchestra.

2017 Summit Youth Orchestra Scholarship Winner - Anthony Ortiz

Anthony began playing violin in the 2nd grade and immediately fell in love with music.  He’s grown up with a mom who loves music with a passion and is truly an inspiration to him.  He continues to play violin with the Summit High School Orchestra and the Summit Youth Orchestra and has met many people who have given him the opportunity to learn and perform with them.  He wants music to make an impact and be meaningful in his life forever.

2017 winner

     Sam Hull (High School Scholarship Winner)

     Misha Martin-Williams (Summit Youth Orchestra Scholarship Winner)

     Peri Habermas (Summit Youth Orchestra Scholarship Winner)

2016 winner

     Ethan Michael Minard

2014 winner

     Taylor Bohlender

2013 winner

     Kristina Marie Middlebrook

2011 & 2012 winner

     Luke Fatora

Artistic Directors

Rieko Aizawa  PIANO     Jesse Mills  VIOLIN

The Alpenglow Chamber Music Festival annually awards a scholarship to a promising local music student who has demonstrated outstanding musical talent and who intends to study music at college. This year, Alpenglow is pleased to award the High School Scholarship to Hannah Starnes. Alpenglow also awarded Taylor Ann Lee and Anthony Ortiz full-tuition scholarships for the Summit Youth Orchestra.

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