Our 17th season was a great success! We had big audiences at the soirees and concerts, and we look forward to expanding our festival more in Summit County.

Here are some photos from our performances, and behind the scenes!

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Our flutist, Bart Feller, is playing the Haydn Trio with his wooden mouthpiece. He often uses this for some baroque and classical-period music, to produce a warmer sound. It was certainly beautiful in the Haydn!

They performed a contemporary piece called “Melodies of a Flute” by the Chinese composer, Bright Sheng. It was written in 2012, and this performance made a Colorado premiere!

Here, Bart is switching his instrument from his regular flute to his alto flute, which actually sounds a lot like a traditional Asian flute.

Our artistic director, Rieko, celebrated her birthday with a carrot cake during the festival!

Our marimbist, Makoto Nakura, performed one of many pieces composed especially for him at the soiree in Breckenridge. Everyone was impressed by a virtuosic duo performance by Makoto and Jesse! The house is at 10,800ft, and it was memorable.

Our cellist, Jim Wilson had a nice visit from his father, George, who came to our final concert. George is also a musician and a former professor of composition at the University of Michigan.

This photo was taken during the dress rehearsal of a Schubert string trio, which was gracefully performed by Jesse, Mark and Jim at our first soiree in Silverthorne. The Steinway piano and the mountain view in this living room were both wonderful, too!